Who We Are?

     Covid19 Care Box was developed by a team of healthcare professionals in Los Angeles, California in conjunction with All Care Sleep Center, a sleep testing facility.  As healthcare providers, we realized people were left in a state of uncertainty if they tested positive with Covid19 and there was a significant need to help guide the community on the best next steps. 

     Covid-19 can have detrimental affects on all parts of the body but specifically can cause major damage to the lungs.  This can make it difficult for oxygen to get into your blood, and low oxygen levels can be quite hazardous to your health.  The Covid19 Care Box offers monitoring tools to identify early changes in your health, especially in your oxygen levels, which should prompt earlier visits to a health care professional or an emergency room to seek treatment.  In addition to a pulse oximeter, the care box also includes a thermometer, an incentive spirometer to exercise your lungs, a Covid19 guide card and a mask.  We hope to be able to get this into everyone’s hands as we think it can make a big difference.