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What is the Covid19 Care Box?

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While there has been a significant emphasis on disease prevention with the Covid19 pandemic, including masking and social distancing, there is now an increased need for guidance and support for people who contract Covid19.  With rapidly rising rates of Covid19, more and more people are left uncertain on how to manage themselves once they develop symptoms. 

The purpose of the Covid19 Care Box is to provide people with guidance and a monitoring plan for their health in case the virus hits. Covid-19 can damage the lungs which decreases your ability to get oxygen into your blood. Low oxygen levels can be dangerous to your health and so monitoring for any early changes can be extremely important. By monitoring your health and oxygen levels early, you may be able to identify a worsening illness and seek medical care

The items in the Covid19 Care Box have been specifically chosen by a group of healthcare professionals as essential tools to help individuals with Covid-19 monitor their health and oxygen levels. The care box also includes an incentive spirometer so you can exercise and expand your lungs during this critical time.

Any concerns when monitoring your health should be relayed to your healthcare provider immediately or you should visit the nearest emergency room.